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Luann’s decade plus of expertise demystifies the complex world of healthcare policies. Her honest, authentic approach will educate and support you each step of the way. Let Luann simplify group health insurance with personalized guidance so you can protect your team with confidence. Her knowledge saves you time researching group health insurance quotes yourself. With Luann's dedication, your staff gets access to quality, affordable group healthcare insurance they deserve. You receive simplicity, clarity and peace of mind.

With Luann’s Customized Group Health Solutions:

  • Attract Top Talent with Competitive Benefits
  • Reduce Stress and Administrative Burden
  • Access Quality Care at Affordable Group Rates
  • Improve Productivity and Loyalty
  • Free Up Your Time to Grow Your Thriving Business

Health Insurance Should Empower, Not Burden, Your Business

Searching for affordable group health plans often feels like an uphill battle. You want to provide the best care possible for your dedicated employees. But every year the maze of insurance terminology and options grows more complex.

How do you determine the optimal choices for your evolving business and benefits budget? It’s an exhausting process decoding inscrutable policy documents, crunching plan variables, and predicting your future needs alone. Not to mention the endless paperwork and administrative headaches that follow enrollment. You pour hours into this dizzying process, only to be left with lingering uncertainty if you’ve made the right decisions.

There is a better way to secure comprehensive group health coverage without the constant stress and confusion. You deserve a simplified approach to finding the right insurance for your company.

Partnering with Luann Allen Provides

group insurance process

Expert Guidance

Luann Simplifies the Group Insurance Process So You Can Protect Your Team with Confidence

group health coverage

Tailored Plans

Get Group Health Insurance Optimized for Your Company's Unique Needs and Budget

group health support

Complete Support

You Get Ongoing Education and Assistance with Enrollment, Claims, and More

group health solutions

Total Peace of Mind

Luann Takes the Burden Off Your Shoulders So You Can Focus on Growth

// Solutions

Luann Allen Offers Complete Health Insurance Solutions for Any Need

group health insurance

Group Health Insurance

Attract and retain top talent with comprehensive medical, dental, vision and life insurance options from major carriers. Customized for your budget.

Individual Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance

Major medical insurance plans from an array of carriers to fit your specific needs. Enroll at any time – not just during open periods.

medicare agents in florida

Medicare Plans

Guidance to optimize Medicare Advantage, Medicare supplement and prescription drug coverage. Support to avoid costly mistakes.

dental and vision insurance florida

Dental & Vision Insurance

Budget-friendly group or individual policies to keep your out-of-pocket costs low while maximizing coverage.

accidental sickness insurance

Accident/Critical Illness Insurance

Cash payouts to provide financial support in the event of an accident, injury, or critical diagnosis. Customizable based on your budget and needs.

florida long term care insurance<br />

Long Term Care Insurance

Get future long-term care costs covered. Lock in affordable premiums now before rates rise later. Essential protection to have in place.

Group Health Insurance Questions Luann Can Answer

How Can You Find Affordable Group Health Insurance Quotes for My Small Business?

The best option to find affordable group health insurance is to talk to a broker who is contracted with the multiple major carriers. The broker will quickly find you the best options, and you won’t have to repeat your efforts by contacting each carrier yourself, and if you understand what you can afford, your broker will find something to suit you.

What Does Group Life Insurance for My Small Business in Florida Typically Cost?

Group Life Insurance is very inexpensive and can vary from $20 per month to $100, depending on your limits, the number of people who will be covered, and their ages. It will also depend on whether you want to buy term or whole life insurance, with term insurance being much less expensive.

Can I Get Group Health Insurance if I Have Less Than 10 Employees?

You can actually get group insurance with 2 unrelated employees, however, that can be very expensive. Five seems to be the number that makes more sense financially, and that includes the owner.

What Benefits and Savings Come With Small Business Group Health Insurance?

Providing group health insurance has many benefits for the owner, beginning with a tax deduction for the business, but including better retention and recruitment of new, good quality employees. Most policies also offer telehealth, which means they have medical care available by phone or internet. That means less time missed for sickness and doctor’s appointments

You Deserve Affordable Health Benefits Tailored to Your Goals and Bottom Line

Let an Expert Like Luann Take the Burden Off Your Shoulders!

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation with Florida’s Trusted Health Insurance Diva Today!

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