The Diva’s Got You Covered For Florida Long Term Care

You’ve worked hard your whole life. You’ve made sacrifices for your family. You’ve made investments to keep your finances in order. But there’s one threat looming over your golden years that could unravel it all faster than a Florida thunderstorm blows in off the Gulf…

The potential cost of long term care.

Why Luann Allen?

With over ten years securing health coverage for Florida families, Luann Allen offers trusted expertise that can’t be matched. She stays on the cutting edge of our state’s long term care options, costs, and regulations so you have the latest facts. Luann takes time to understand your health history and preferences, then matches you only with stable carriers primed to deliver on their promises. Her independent insurance agency status allows her to offer unlimited recommendations—not just a single carrier’s limited selection. Luann simplifies confusing policy language and choices into plain guidance so you can move forward confidently. Even after your purchase, Luann provides ongoing service to optimize your plan as your needs change. In short – Luann Allen gives you total peace of mind.

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Objective Guidance You Can Trust

Luann keeps your best interests first, not corporate partners. You come before commissions.

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Caring, Ongoing Support

Luann provides enrollment help, premium strategies, and year-round availability.

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Specialized Experience Locally

Luann works with Floridians just like you to create customized LTC solutions.


The Threat to Your Family's Finances and Wellbeing

Imagine your daughter clutching her husband’s hand for support. “Mom, Dad – we need to have a difficult talk.” She takes a deep breath. “We can’t keep taking the kids out of school to help look after you both each day. And the memory care facility costs are draining your savings faster than we realized.” Your heart sinks imagining the impact on your grandchildren. The guilt of being a financial burden weighs heavy. Has your planning failed? Spiraling long term care costs force gut-wrenching choices onto families daily—right here in our Florida neighborhoods. But it doesn’t have to be this way for you.

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Why Long Term Care Insurance Is Vital in Florida

Planning for long term care needs isn’t about worst-case scenarios. It’s about maintaining choice and dignity as you age. Here are crucial facts to know:

  • Over 5 million seniors nationwide require long term care currently
  • Average annual cost ranges from $50,000 for home care to over $90,000 for nursing facilities
  • These expenses aren’t covered by Medicare or other health insurance
  • Relying fully on personal savings often leads to financial devastation

In Florida, we have the 3rd highest 60+ population nationwide. Over 3.5 million of our neighbors will soon need some type of daily assistance. Are you ready to pay out of pocket for your care? For many, the answer is no. My friend, without a plan in place, your family’s security is at risk.

The time to educate yourself is NOW.

The High Price of Insufficient Long Term Care Coverage

Gaps in care, unpaid claims, and uncontrolled costs take your savings.

Without proper insurance, risks of care gaps, rejected claims, and soaring expenses exist. Rapidly draining your hard-earned savings and relying upon family are potential consequences. Don’t learn the hard lessons of many before you.

Unexpected long-term care costs deplete retirement funds.

Helpless reliance upon overwhelmed loved ones.

Confusing array of plans leaves you uncertain.

Get long term care clarity from a Specialist

Luann Allen Delivers Tailored Protection

Simplifying LTC insurance with wisdom and transparency

Partner with Luann Allen to simplify your search and secure ideal coverage. Luann demystifies confusing options through candid communication and takes time to grasp your needs. With Luann’s assistance, you gain confidence in smart insurance decisions.

Luann listens first to understand your situation.

Her hands-on approach cuts through the noise.

Luann becomes your knowledgeable, trusted ally.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with Luann to evaluate your long term care needs

Luann will review your current insurance policies and gaps in coverage. She’ll make expert recommendations on plans and providers tailored to your health needs, budget, and wishes. With Luann’s enrollment assistance, premium strategies, and ongoing support, she handles the details so you can relax. Don’t gamble with inadequate long term care preparation. Let Luann simplify your Florida insurance experience.

Why Securing Coverage Is Complicated in Florida

To protect your choices adequately as you age, your policy needs to fit our local environment. But how do you know what questions to ask insurance carriers to find the right solution? Here are just some of the issues that trip up seniors exploring long term care insurance in Florida:

  • What policy features are essential for our climate and retiree population?
  • How do you compare quality among the many insurance carriers in our state?
  • What benefit amounts make sense based on local care costs?

The stakes are high when insuring one of your most valuable assets—your independence. Yet most Floridians lack the expertise to identify gaps in coverage that could leave them stranded. You need a guide well-versed in navigating Florida’s long term care landscape.

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