Take Control of Your Florida Individual Health Insurance

Get Expert Guidance from Luann Allen Tailored to Your Needs and Budget. Gain Clarity, Confidence and Peace of Mind.

The Health Insurance Diva Difference

With over 10 years of specialized experience in the Florida individual health insurance marketplace, Luann Allen has the expertise to simplify the process and deliver transparency.

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Objective Guidance You Can Trust

Luann keeps your interests first. She’s willing to walk away from any carrier that does not meet your needs.

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Ongoing, Start-to-Finish Support

Luann provides enrollment help, claims assistance, and is available year-round.

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Local Expertise

Luann works with Floridians just like you to create customized, individual solutions.

Insights From an Expert

Finding individual health insurance can feel like a battle. Year after year, managing coverage gets harder. Between confusing terms, evaluating myriad options alone, and plans changing unexpectedly, you pour hours into this tedious quest. There must be an easier way to get reliable coverage without recurring uncertainty and stress. But who can you trust to simplify things?

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The High Price of Insufficient Individual Coverage

Gaps and changes in individual plans cost your wellbeing.

Unexpected costs, claim denials, and disrupted care lead to turmoil.

Piles of uncovered medical bills damage your finances.

Precious hours wasted trying to make sense of options alone.

Get individual health clarity from a PRO

The Simpler Individual Insurance Solution

Partner with Luann Allen to simplify your insurance search and find ideal tailored solutions.

Luann demystifies confusing individual options with candid counsel.

Her hands-on approach saves you time cutting through the noise.

With Luann’s assistance, you gain confidence in smart coverage decisions.

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation with Luann

Luann will assess your existing coverage, identify potential gaps, and make expert plans and provider recommendations tailored to your budget and lifestyle. Her guidance can save you money while giving you peace of mind. With enrollment help, claims support, and year-round availability, Luann handles the details so you can live life. Don’t gamble with fluctuating individual plans. Let Luann simplify your Florida individual health insurance.

You Owe It to Yourself to Get this Right

You may be reluctant to trust an insurance consultant. But Luann recognizes this hesitation. Her honest, transparent approach keeps your interests first. And her unmatched experience provides true peace of mind.

Work with a specialist like Luann Allen to take control of your health coverage.

Take the first step toward finding the right individual health insurance at an affordable price, so you can stop worrying.

With over 10 years of expertise in the Florida individual health insurance marketplace, Luann can tailor the optimal plan to give you control over your coverage.

Trust the Health Insurance Diva to handle your insurance needs—now and in the future. 

Let Luann Simplify Your Florida Individual Health Insurance

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